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Catalonia Occupation Service


The Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) offers its website pages with an accessible design in order to guarantee an universal access to the information and knowledge.

According to the strategic document “e-Europe, an Information Society for everybody” the SOC wants that all persons with some difficulty for accessing information (physical or sensorial handicap or even technological barriers) can have a useful tool. The aim of the SOC is to guarantee the equality in the online information. In order to insure this right access, we have tested the website pages and we have followed the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative).

Keyboard shortcuts

Several keyboard shortcuts have been defined in order to access faster to the common links. The keys are always combined with the key "alt" ( left).

We have avoided the letter combinations that could involve problems in Catalan and Spanish in terms of operative system programming and also for the most used synthesizers. We have kept the same combinations used in the Generalitat de Catalunya portal.

Keyboard shortcuts (actives in all pages):

  • Direct access to contents: alt+q
  • Direct access to the browsing system: alt+m
  • Go to accessibility page and keyboard shortcuts: alt+b
  • Go to the home page: alt+o
  • Occupation search: alt+r
  • Website map : alt+p