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Catalonia Occupation Service

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is a electronic document. The Administration, the citizens and the companies can do all procedures by Internet in a secure way. The new certification and authentication digital solutions used by SOC guarantee validity and security in the electronic transactions..

The certificate use guarantees that :

  • The identification of the user in the SOC website follows the necessary procedures.
  • The information received from the SOC server has not been manipulated by a non-authorized person.
  • All transtactions are legal. The electronic signature has the same validity than the manuscript signature.
  • The electronic procedure keeps all data under confidentiality, in a secure way.

The User Certificate makes possible to do all procedures by Internet, in a secure way with the Public Administration. The User Certificate avoids travels and unnecessary waiting periods. The Public Administration is very efficient on the Internet

If you want a digital certificate, you can get it free at: