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Catalonia Occupation Service

Frequently asked questions about the SOC

  1. What does this website consist of?

    The current website is accessible through and is the Internet portal of the Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya, adscript to the Departament de Treball de la Generalitat de Catalunya

  2. What kind of contents can I find on this website?

    You will find job offers and also:

    • All available SOC training courses.
    • An easy way to renew your job seeker card (DARDO) on Internet.
    • Contents about improvement of options when you are looking for a job.
    • An effective way to register new job offers at the Sistema Públic d’Ocupació.
    • Support contents for companies.
    • Announcements of subventions.
    • Complete list of Employement Offices.
    • Labour regulation in Catalunya.
  3. Why is this website interesting?

    You will find information and useful functions if:

    • You are unemployed.
    • You want to know how to write your CV.
    • You need to know the functioning of the screening process of the applicants.
    • You must renew your job seeker card.
    • You are looking for a job or training courses.
    • You need to contact workers.
    • You want to know the SOC and its regulation better.
    • You want to work as a SOC collaborating organization.
  4. Do I need a digital certificate to use this website

    The digital certificate makes possible to use all interactive sections of the website.

    You can navigate and access to the contents without the digital certificate, but you will need it to access to specific functions.

    The SOC has set several sections without needing the digital certificate, in order to make the access to these functions easier. For example, if you want to renew the job seeker card (DARDO), you can do it using all data printed in the card. The virtual renewal has the same validity than the presential way.

  5. How many languages are available on this website?

    Nowadays all contents are available in three languages:

    • Catalan
    • Spanish
    • English

    Nevertheless, the procedures, the job offers search engine or the training courses are only available in Catalan and Spanish.

  6. Does the SOC website collect personal details about the users?

    The website doesn’t collect personal details (such as name, email address, etc.), unless the user gives expressly this information.

    Our computer system keeps information about the hour, the browser of the users, the language they choose and the IP address of each search.

    We verify this information in order to verify our registers and offer the suitable services.

  7. Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    You can contact us whenever you want.

    Access to our contact mailbox.