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Catalogue of Services



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Looking for work?
We'll help you



T'oferim cursos gratuïts per millorar la teva formació


Courses for professional improvement
Make the most of more than 10,000 training initiatives that are undertaken in the Centres of Innovation and Occupational Training (CIFO), which depend on the SOC, or on the collaborating public or private centres.
Look for your course in the SOC course searcher.


Online training
"e-formació" SOC
Computer sciences, Internet, languages, tourism, the social health sector, etc. Find out about the online courses in more than 100 different specialities that the SOC offers you.


Courses for looking for jobs with new technologies
If you are unemployed and have no basic knowledge in looking for work via Internet, you have accessible training courses in order to obtain that know-how.


Credit for training for unemployed people
It is an interest-free loan awarded by the Department of Employment, through the SOC, for unemployed people who want to train.




T'ajudem a millorar el teu futur laboral amb assessorament i ajuda personalitzada


Assessment in jobseeking
More than 300 guidance professionals are at your service in the network of Employment offices to help you find a job.


Intensive Jobseeking Centres
"Aula Activa"
They are spaces where we help you find work in a quicker and more efficient way, thanks to the free access to new technologies.


Personalised itineraries for jobseeking
A guidance professional will advise you in a personalised way and offer you the most appropriate techniques to return to the labour market.


Training and guidance for young people
If you are aged between 16 and 24, you have access to the Initial Professional Qualification Programmes (PQPI), occupational training and guidance programmes especially for young people.


Prepare your professional profile
We have a tool available to you for defining your professional profile.


Your curriculum vitae in 5 steps and 30 minutes
This tool helps you write up the curriculum vitae simply (in 5 steps) and quickly (in 30 minutes).


NOA: jobseeking tools
We have prepared 11 episodes with NOA as the protagonist who shows the different steps for finding work. You can find the episodes on




Posem a la teva disposició diferents ofertes i opcions de feina


The portal of the Generalitat for finding work
Feina Activa
Through the Feina Activa portal you have direct access to diverse job offers.


Job vacancies in the Work Offices
In your Work Office you will find a job pool with diverse possibilities of work that may be suitable for you.


Occupational plans for unemployed people
At your Work Office, throughout 2010 you will find around 25,000 temporary jobs and in tasks of general and social interest.


Working abroad
We also have available to you different programmes for jobseeking abroad:


1. The Eures Network
This is a cooperation network between the different occupational services of the European Union countries for working in another country.

2. The Leonardo da Vinci programme
It provides practical work experience abroad for young Catalan people.

3. The Eurodissea programme
It offers young people the possibility of working abroad.




Explica'ns el teu projecte i t'ajudarem a crear la teva pròpia empresa


INICIA programme:
For creating companies
If you are an enterprising person, or you have a business idea and want to evaluate the feasibility in order to set it up, the INICIA programme for creating companies provides you with information, guidance, assessment, training and support through more than 150 local entities distributed around Catalonia.